NU in Chicago is a program of the Center for Civic Engagement that strives to better connect students with civic resources and experiential learning in the city of Chicago. NU in Chicago achieves this goal with a diverse set of initiatives, all of which leverage the unique assets of the city for student learning.

NU in Chicago’s core offering involves thematic trips into the city, during which students visit local organizations, hear from community leaders, and engage with neighborhoods and communities outside of Northwestern. As part of these excursions, NU faculty member, alumni, and community partners with expertise in a given area facilitate the experience and student groups connect the theme back to daily life in college.

In addition, NU in Chicago also helps orient incoming students to the city, connects students to existing events in the city, and advocates for resources to increase Chicago’s accessibility.


Mission Statement

Northwestern is “Chicago’s Big Ten School,” and NU in Chicago seeks to better integrate Chicago into the Northwestern experience for all students. NU in Chicago initiatives will work towards this vision through the following program goals. NU in Chicago will:

  • Provide students with opportunities to learn more about specific issues, elements, and resources in the city of Chicago
  • Complement students’ academic studies by providing opportunities to engage with the city
  • Encourage participants to continue taking advantage of Chicago as an academic resource
  • Motivate participants to be more civically engaged at Northwestern

Ultimately, we believe that students who have engaged with Chicago during their time at NU are more likely to be engaged with civic issues over the course of their life. NU in Chicago is not the home of all Chicago-based programming at NU, but rather a centralized effort that aims to increase Chicago engagement across campus.


Contact Us

If you have questions or comments, please contact us at engage@northwestern.edu or visit the Center for Civic Engagement at 1813 Hinman Ave.



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